Smart City Strategieprozess

The state of Berlin has successfully applied in the second round of funding as a "Modellprojekt Smart City" with the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community (BMI). The theme for this funding round is "Common Good and Networked City/City Network." 

Under this guideline, Berlin has developed a new Smart City Strategy that is being piloted in five implementation projects. Within this ambitious framework, Politics for Tomorrow actively supports the CityLAB of Technologiestiftung Berlin in the development of a Smart City Strategy. Our contribution enables comprehensive stakeholder participation and creatively enhances established procedures. Our focus is on facilitation, including partial conceptualisation, moderation, and documentation of concurrent participation processes. We are responsible, among other things, for moderating meetings of the Strategy Advisory Board and the Strategy Board, whose expertise regularly informs the implementation of the Strategy. 

In addition, we contribute to the collection and analysis of qualitative knowledge bases and participate in drafting the Strategic Framework. As part of the core team, we promote reliable coordination and collaboration among various perspectives. Furthermore, we provide our expertise in advising on the design of additional research or participation processes conducted by other contractors and, if necessary, further develop them.


Partner: Technologiestiftung Berlin

Contact: Benjamin Seibel

2020 – 2023