Unleashing the innovation capacity of the public sector to accelerate transformative change for human and planetary health

Opening spaces for personal development & organisational learning

We are a non-partisan initiative that advances the innovation capacity of the public sector to facilitate transformative change processes with and for people caring for our unique planet. 

Our expertise includes orchestrating cross-sectoral alliances, moderating strategic participation, building learning capabilities, developing decision-making tools, structuring and visualising data, among others.

Building transformative publics at the intersection of state and civil society

The ability to take and implement decisions that merge emergency response with long-term change will be a crucial aspect of democratic societies. 

Our work at the intersection of government and civil society goes beyond the new public management paradigm and establishes infrastructures for transformative publics.

Unlocking institutional potential for the socio-ecological transformation

Political administration can enable and encourage society to transform interactions into relationships, accumulation into distribution, and destruction into regeneration responsibly. 

Our collaborations focus on public-civic as well as new public-public partnerships that address the question of HOW to bridge scientific and indigenous knowledge with appropriate action.


Overview of organisations we have collaborated with so far