Our political systems are faced with challenges that necessitate collaboration, embracing tolerance and diversity. Participation, transparency, and accountability are the foundations of a functioning democracy, demanding continual revitalisation. 

Therefore, we advocate for political processes and a co-creative work environment within the public sector that consider the well-being of future generations, enable a collaboration between social and technological innovations, and develop new standards for public-civil infrastructures.

Our Approaches

Developing System Change with All Senses

The focus of our commitment lies in empowering employees of political-administrative organisations throughout the entire policy cycle - from defining starting points, developing learning strategies and regulatory innovation spaces, to designing and testing new decision-making processes and governance structures. Our learning settings offer people from politics and administration experimental spaces where specific challenges can be addressed in a systemic, forward-looking, co-creative, agile, and innovative manner.

Shaping the Public with Openness

We accompany individuals and organisations in the German-speaking and international public sector through processes of change. Our formats are based on current and upcoming knowledge from transformation, design, learning, and organisational research. We foster the development of individual and collective competencies, drawing from principles of systems thinking, innovation processes, transdisciplinary research approaches, and experiential learning. Central to our approach are iterative work phases, where the focus is directed outward, inward, and forward, to develop and test appropriate interventions.

Project Collaborations

The focus of our work lies in collaborations with ministries, federal and state authorities, political foundations or commissions in Germany and internationally. 

Our multi-stage process support includes design workshops where information is transformed into tangible results. 

The thematic focus varies from needs-based impact assessments, creating cross-departmental visions, developing actor-specific services, to strategically and practically handling data in the context of digitalisation.

Continuing Education

As a part of well-established continuing education programs offered by institutions like the European Academy Berlin, University of Potsdam, Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin, or the U.S. Office for Personnel Management, we design various teaching units. 

In block seminars, workshops, or short inputs, participants can learn about different phases of innovation processes and apply relevant methods. 

Additionally, we offer optional further education and consulting services for individuals or organisations, both in Germany and internationally.

Contributions to Discourses

Within the Politics for Tomorrow team, we have speakers who can moderate and present lectures or panel contributions on challenges and opportunities, methods, and trends related to "Public Innovation." Our expertise ranges from Design in Policy to Open Government, and we cover topics like Sustainable Development, Energy Transition, and Bioeconomy. 

We are frequently invited to various events organised by Chancellor's Offices, federal or state authorities, political foundations, academic institutions, or associations, where we present and engage in discussions about options for shaping public organisations.

Research Networks

We have international collaborations and maintain continuous communication with practitioners and researchers in the field of public innovation. 

Within this network, we learn from others and gladly share our experiences. We are open to partnerships that involve collaborative research or seek to incorporate our expertise into research projects. 

Examples of such collaborations include projects with the Research Center for Environmental Policy (FFU) at Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin and the Federation of German Scientists (Vereinigung Deutscher Wissenschaftler e. V., VDW), as well as mentoring Master's or doctoral theses for students.