Open Government Netzwerk

By participating in the Open Government Partnership (OGP), Germany has committed to promoting open government. This commitment serves as a significant signal and attractive motivation for the process of change within the administration, moving towards openness, collaboration (co-creation), further development, and digitization in the spirit of open government. Since 2019, Germany has also had a seat in the global steering committee of the OGP, represented by the Minister of State in the Chancellor's Office. 

The Open Government Network Germany (OGN) is a coalition of civil society organisations and individuals advocating for the promotion of open governance and administration as a holistic approach to strengthening democracy since 2011. The focus is particularly on engaging with the federal government and developing national action plans. The network enables citizens to participate in the development and implementation of ambitious open government reforms and expand the dialogue. The members' expertise is networked, and capacity building in civil society is strengthened. The network is rooted in the belief that active participation by the Federal Republic of Germany in the Open Government Partnership fosters a cultural shift towards more transparency, participation, and accountability. This, in turn, revitalises and strengthens democracy and the quality of government action. 

Politics for Tomorrow has been an active member of the network since 2018, with Oliver Rack being part of the strategy group, which maintains regular exchanges with the Federal Chancellery, the states, and international representatives of the Open Government Partnership.


Partner: German Chancellery

Contact: Sebastian Haselbeck

2018 – ongoing