The INTERREG project "Liveability" supports public administrations in the Baltic Sea region in better integrating the local needs of society. Through collaboration between authorities, civil society, and citizens, the aim is to build greater resilience to ongoing crises and simultaneously enhance the livability of urban life. 

The first work package, under the leadership of Politics for Tomorrow, defines a Public-Interest-Design Charter. This definition of design in the service of the common good serves as a guide for the five partner cities for further actions in the project as a pilot, and is intended to be further developed for all cities in the future. The charter focuses on building transformation literacy in the population and administration, creating long-term and holistic public services and infrastructures, anticipatory governance, real participation and decision-making power of citizens, as well as meaningful learning indicators.


Partners: EU Interreg, Heinrich-Böll Stiftung SH

Contact: Andrea Cederquist

2023 – 2025