Creative Bureaucracy Festival Academy

The Creative Bureaucracy Festival celebrates outstanding innovations in the public sector and their contribution to a better, more sustainable, and fairer world. It brings together bureaucrats and their allies - those who fight for the common good at all levels of government and make a difference. The festival's mission is to cultivate a more positive attitude towards the public sector and encourage more initiative and experimentation within the public sector. 

Since 2018, Politics for Tomorrow has been offering the Creative Bureaucracy Festival Academy, providing an experiential learning space during the Creative Bureaucracy Festival for over 2000 individuals to explore new methods and approaches. Not only creative approaches to addressing societal issues are being presented, but they are also applied and shared. While the festival's main stage primarily offers lectures and discussions, in the Academy, we delve into the question of "HOW." We focus on the methods. 

In 2020, we were able to facilitate collaborative experimentation in the digital space, enabling interactive and creative engagement over several days. All festival guests are invited to this "space of action" to try something new or rethink familiar routines. The program offers sector-spanning networking, interactive experimentation spaces, inspiring (digital) action options, and encouraging examples from our Community of Practice.


Partner: Self-initiative

Contact: Charles Landry

2018 – ongoing