Copenhagen Manual

Since the end of 2019, Politics for Tomorrow and GovLabAustria have been involved in the co-creation of the Copenhagen Manual. The Copenhagen Manual is an applied guide and a new international standard for measuring and developing innovations in the public sector, created with the participation of 20 countries. It provides assistance to those advancing data-driven strategies for public sector development or those entrusted with the preparation, analysis, or communication of a survey on public sector innovations. The manual discusses setting strategic goals, communication, reaching respondents, adapting the statistical questionnaire, and defining innovation in the public sector. 

During the kick-off meeting, the five Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland) shared their experiences in creating the Innovation Barometer and how they used the statistics. We were able to contribute our experiences from the pre-test in the DACH region. The Copenhagen Manual supports the implementation of the Innovation Barometer in the German-speaking region, providing applied assistance and promoting the structured evaluation of public innovation capabilities.


Partner: Center for Public Innovation Denmark

Contact: Lene Krogh Jeppesen

2019 – 2021