Agile DABB

The state of Brandenburg is advancing with the "Zukunftsstrategie Digitales Brandenburg." Concrete goals and measures have been defined across various areas of action. 

The Digitalagentur Brandenburg GmbH (DABB) is a part of this strategy. It was established to support the state government, municipalities, and other stakeholders in implementing digital solutions for municipal services. Its employees are trained in agile methods. Since 2020, an agile culture has been integrated vertically and horizontally into the everyday operations of the Digitalagentur. Specifically, the levels of projects, programs, and internal processes were analysed and restructured. The focus was on organising work and workflows. 

Caroline Paulick-Thiel, along with the former management of the Cyber Innovation Hub, Marcel "Otto" Yon, and Anja Theuer, guided DABB on this journey and continues to facilitate the quarterly meetings. Along with establishing new routines, a key outcome of this realignment was the creation of a "Roadmap." The Roadmap is the document summarising various strategic and operational topics, backlogs, processes, etc. It provides clarity to the team about the direction, the value proposition, the strategy (including the strategic backlog), and how these are implemented (including the operational backlog). It also includes the organisational structure, roles, interactions, etc. It is a dynamic document that evolves with the organisation and its members.


Partner: Digitalagentur Brandenburg

Contact: André Göbel

2020 – ongoing