AG Digitalisierung Städtetag

In late 2020, the Deutsche Städtetag organised meetings with the Arbeitskreis Digitalisierung to both reflect on the topics and needs of the past months and to adjust and realign the structure of the working group accordingly. Identified core topics and areas for change were to be further discussed and specified. 

Caroline Paulick-Thiel conceived and moderated these meetings in close coordination with the Digitalisation Commissioner. She developed processes and work materials and provided the participants with basic methods for agile collaboration in the digital space. Interactive formats were predominantly used, allowing proposals to be developed, presented, and commented on during the event. The focus was on the working methods of the "Digitisation" working group. 

Unlike traditional working groups in the Deutsche Städtetag, an agile and more self-organised approach was developed, enabling members to exchange information based on their needs. The results of the first meeting provided impulses for a common direction and ideas for a future-oriented approach, which were further specified in the second meeting with new responsibilities and dates.


Partner: Deutscher Städtetag 

Contact: Frauke Janßen